Dear buyers,    Please make sure the following conditions before you contact to us.


1: The regulation of your country for Avian Influenza or other conditions to be banned importation from Japan,at your quarantine authority or related authority.

*WE can transhipment from a country in Asia and you can import our birds from the country.please inquiry in case your country ban importation birds directly from Japan.


2:Ino:albino,lutino and other red eyes mutations are not available in Japan because of these mutations are treated as out of standard on the show.


We can export "Japanese Crested Budgerigars "= we call them "Hagoromo Budges",

these wonderful and beautiful mutation was founded in Japan on 1960's and some enthusiasts had selected breeding and improve them for long long years to now we can see beautiful feathering budges with 2 flowers on their back and also crested on their head.

This mutation budges are Japanese original and the breeding of them is a traditional aviculture in Japan . They had bird shows of this mutation until several years ago and competed,one Champion bird was traded several thousands of USD at that time,however nowaday this traditional aviculture tends to disappear.

Only limitted old age breeders try to protect this mutation now.


We ,Free bird Inc.has contracted with these limitted top breeders and have a priority to obtain best quality.

If you are interested in Japanese Crested Budges,please dont hesitate to contact us.

We can prepare nessesarry export documents for fit for your country's requirment.

Attn: Shibata